How We Can Work Together

OSF HealthCare is improving lives and changing how health care is delivered. Franklin Street will create a website to reflect OSF’s commitment to reimagining health care. To inspire. To elevate the brand. To be a magnet for innovative start ups. To spark conversation and engage audiences who will help fulfill the mission of The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis. To connect with leading health systems, Mission Partners, donors, government agencies, payors, the media, and the communities OSF HealthCare serves.

Project Goals:

Key Performance Indicators

  • Improve brand awareness

  • Generate new qualified leads

  • Improve lead conversions

Strategic Workshop

Our partnership will begin with the Strategic Workshop, a session intended to establish roles, responsibilities and milestones for the development of the new website.

The Strategic Workshop is a 1-day, onsite work session, designed to clarify and firmly establish:

  • Desired website goals, both short- and long-term, and Key Performance Indicators
  • Content curation and needs analysis
  • Technology platforms, including CMS, CRM, Marketing Automation and Commerce
  • Leadership priorities and vision through interviews
  • Work plans, deliverables and milestones for launch of Phase 1 and beyond


The Strategic Workshop will give stakeholders the confidence that:

  • The new website will exceed expectations
  • The new website will launch on time and on budget
  • The new website will address both immediate needs and future goals
  • All stakeholder voices and opinions will be heard and addressed


We will provide strategic technology recommendations based on OSF HealthCare’s unique needs. Franklin Street has experience building sites with platforms OSF has used, including WordPress and Kentico.


OSF has identified immediate and future functionality needs, and Franklin Street is prepared to create and support:

  • Responsive design and mobile-friendly
  • CRM platform
  • Exploration space
  • Multiple forms, such as Contact Us, Alerts, Newsletter Opt-Ins
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Social media integration
  • Downloadable content, including white papers and presentations
  • Clean and user-friendly navigation
  • Online courses
  • Virtual/augmented reality
  • SEO best practices, including keyword to page mapping meta definitions and 301 redirects

Phased Approach

We recommend a three-phased approach for the new website. This allows OSF a high quality website ready to launch in late March without compromising key decisions about technology and functionality. Following is our recommended strategy for each phase of the new website.

Phase 1: Building Awareness

Phase I will launch in late March 2017. The site will embody the heartbeat of OSF as the premier leader in innovation by providing access to information for aligned promotions, research and future advancements. We will build Phase I in WordPress to enable OSF instant, easy access for content updates.

Immediately following the launch of Phase I, we will iterate toward Phase II. Assessing the success of existing assets, determining additional content needs and continued work toward exceeding business objectives will allow us to create multiple iterations of the site before launching Phase II.

Key deliverables through interim steps may include:

  • Content Organization and Strategy
  • Downloadable Content
  • Refreshed Videos and Imagery
  • Social Media Integration

Phase 2: Storytelling

Phase II could launch in iterations from April through May 2017. Phase II will offer OSF richer storytelling opportunities to inspire audiences like startups, buyers, and the media. Sharing media content, like blogs and video, will expand OSF’s brand and online presence.

OSF has “pent up demand” to share stories. Phase II will enable OSF to share these stories in deeply impactful and meaningful ways, furthering engagement, conversions and conversations.

We will maintain the WordPress platform to ensure OSF has instant, easy access for content updates.

Key deliverables through Phase II include:

  • Blog and News Section
  • SEO Strategy
  • Content Expansion
  • Ongoing Site Maintenance and Testing

The Final Outcome – Phase 3: Innovation Magnet

The focus of Phase III is to integrate technology to serve OSF’s goals. Launching in September of 2017, key deliverables include:

  • Online Commerce
  • Event Registration
  • CRM for prospect list-building
  • CMS Selection
  • Marketing Automation Integration

Phase III will launch with the universal CMS platform that will serve OSF for years to come, which may remain in WordPress or migrate to Kentico or another solution. We anticipate a September launch of Phase III.

Choosing a universal platform is a strategic decision involving key stakeholders and technology integrations, such as CRM and email marketing/marketing automation. We will never rush OSF in making important, long-term strategic decisions. Building Phases I and II in WordPress is a “safe bet,” a CMS that powers almost 60% of all websites. Together, Franklin Street and OSF will decide if WordPress is the right long-term platform, or if we migrate content to Kentico or another CMS.

Key Technology and Conversion Strategy Decisions

Following are important decisions that the Franklin Street and OSF team will decide in building the new site:

  • CMS Selection
  • CRM Selection
  • Lead Capturing Strategy
  • Whitepaper Submissions and Downloads
  • Integrated Video Elements
  • Gated Content Strategies

Key Project Steps

  1. Diagnosis: Evaluate the current site, identify gaps in functionality and content
  2. Pre-Production: Create sketches regarding the information architecture
  3. Prototype: A grayscale prototype guides work sessions and articulates the user experience. (example)
  4. Design: Apply learnings from Prototype phase to the site layout. (example)
  5. Development: Site construction, based on prototyping and created design, and quality assurance before the site is live.
  6. Live: After monitoring the site to ensure intended performance, recommend iterations and next steps.

Franklin Street

For over 30 years, Franklin Street has built patient-centered brands® for 200 leading health systems around the country. As a top thought leader in health care branding, marketing and digital solutions, our insights are read, shared and applied by over 20,000 decision-makers and influencers in health care across the world.

Franklin Street was among the first to create responsive design websites for health care brands and was a pioneer in using marketing automation technology in the health care sector. Franklin Street’s websites, campaigns, clients and teammates have been profiled in Modern Healthcare and Ragan’s Health Care Communications, in addition to leading health care marketing conferences, including the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD), the Forum for Healthcare Strategists and the Healthcare Internet Marketing Conference (HCIC).

Based in Richmond, Virginia, the number one reason our clients recommend Franklin Street is because Franklin Streeters care deeply about making a difference in the lives of patients their clients serve.