What’s This About?

This is my portfolio site, and my blog is generally about just trying to keep up with cool stuff I find pertaining to the design and development worlds. Based on my url you probably have figured out my name is Carter. I work as a graphic designer in the Richmond area, and design for print, web and motion graphics.

The stuff I post on my blog are things that I find interesting, relevant, or important for my everyday work flow. I don’t claim to know it all or have correct grammar or spelling. But, I am just going to do the best I can to keep it up-to-date and coherent.

As you are reading though a couple of notes:

  • I know that there’s about a million different ways to do one particular thing.
  • I understand what I do might not be the easiest or the best, so I would love to hear your perspective if you have a different way.
  • I am trying to look at this whole setup as a learning experience and trying to give back to the design community in a way that I use it.
  • Also, I know that there will be spelling and or grammar errors along the way. Please don’t let that hang you up, if you find one just shoot me an email. No need to litter the comment board with them.

Above all I hope to write a few things that you find interesting or help out in your everyday design process.

Thanks for stopping by,

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