Subtle Web Patterns

Subtle web patterns, I am not just talking about the design technique I am talking about the website. The site offers an array of subtle design patterns that can be used in any web project or be imported into Photoshop.

I find this site extremely useful and have used it quite a bit in the past. The site is constantly updated with new patterns to use and is well maintained by Atle Mo. All of the textures are free to use, and a few months ago I actually compiled a bunch of the ones that I liked and put them into a Photoshop pattern file. You can download it here, feel free to drop it into your Photoshop presets and apply patterns everywhere.

When you go to the site be sure to check out the “Snacks” section. In here there are some really good resources such as pattern packs, a WordPress plugin, iPhone app, desktop designs and I am sure there will be more by the time you actually get there.

Also if you have an awesome pattern that you want to share with the world, they have a place where you can submit it. If it’s decided that your pattern was really bad ass they will make it part of the collection and post it on the site. Then you’ll be able to hold ultimate subtle web pattern design bragging rights.

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