Carter Tilman - St.Vincent Charity: Spine & Ortho Campaign

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St. Vincent Charity – Digital Campaign

Role: Digital Strategist
Company: Franklin Street

St. Vincent’s Charity was looking to drive volume to their Spine and Orthopedics service line, and create a higher education rate for patient’s that signed up for surgery.

The strategy to drive volume was to provide St. Vincent Charity’s audience with first hand stories of how their spine and orthopedic services have improved the lives of members in their community. The tactics that would drive prospective patients to the service line were rich media ads and pre-roll video. These tactics incorporated videos of first hand stories of patients to show the positive impact the healthcare system has had on their lives.

In order to help the client position themselves in a way to achieve this higher education rate for patient’s that signed up for surgery we suggested that they alter their delivery method. Our suggestion was to provide the patients that have signed up for surgery to be delivered a series of emails. The emails would be spaced out in timing depending on how far out the patient’s surgery date was away. The email messages built on one another to help make the content digestible and not overwhelming.

In addition to this strategy and these tactics we also helped to grow service line traffic organically. We did this by creating CTA’s on their existing site. In order to get people to interact with these CTA’s we would have them fill out the form before they would be given the PDF content they were requesting. This would help St.Vincent Charity track individuals in a list of people who were interested in their service, but were not yet active patients with the system.