Carter Tilman - St. Vincent Charity: Rosary Hall Microsite

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St.Vincent Charity – Rosary Hall Microsite

Role: Digital Strategist
Company: Franklin Street

St. Vincent is a hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. The project we were working with them on has to deal with their substance abuse center called Rosary Hall. This substance abuse center has been open since the 50’s and is one of the longest running centers in the state.

St. Vincent Charity would like to expand the size of Rosary Hall to serve more people. This is because Ohio has a severe issue with heroin overdoses and opioid addiction. In 2014 and 2015 they had the most deaths in the United States at about 8 people a day dying from overdoses.

The opioid epidemic has gotten so bad in the area that the city of Cleveland put together an event to bring more awareness to the issue. St. Vincent Charity was apart of this event along with several other area hospitals such as Cleveland Clinic and MetroHealth.

This event allows for a great opportunity to bring together healthcare organizations, concerned citizens, and law makers all at one time. St. Vincent Charity wanted to capitalize on this by creating a microsite for their project in order to show what their plans were to help with this epidemic. The goal was to raise awareness and give people a way to contribute and reach out to influencers.

In order to get this project going we pulled together some quick wireframe sketches and discussed the personas for the project. Then all design work was handled directly in the browser. Throughout the process I worked closely with an art director, and a writer to help pull the project together.

Since the timeline was so tight we had to try to get most of the project done in one shot. Our result was a high fidelity functioning production link that was build in WordPress. Once getting that up we collaborated with the client in a quick workshop to make some small adjustments and work through content and functionality. After going through that the site was launched in time along with various other marketing materials for the St.Vincent Charity team to use at the event.

Once the event was over the received very positive feedback from the community, law makers, internal leadership, and the media. This event and the efforts put forward helped to spark discussions with very large donors in the area for the Rosary Hall expansion effort.

The fundraising for the project is still something that is happening for this project, and the microsite will end up being the hub to help raise awareness and money for this effort as it moves forward.

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