Carter Tilman - HCA Virginia: Pediatrics Campaign

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HCA VA – Service Line Campaign

Role: Designer
Company: Franklin Street

HCA Virginia was looking to promote their pediatric services. We helped to share the story and vibe of this service line through life-style shots. The concept and art direction were based around what was started in the brand campaign for the hospital system. The goal of this project was to ​​create an integrated branding campaign to raise awareness in order to help grow market share. The way were went about doing this was to position the health system as the preferred brand of choice for care takers in the Richmond area.

I was able to help on this project by working on the sets in multiple locations with photographers and the video crew to set up scenes and arrange them to go off of storyboard concepts. I was able to assist with the end card graphics creation for the TV spot. I also helped with the print ad creation and layout for this campaign.