Carter Tilman - Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center: Physician Finder

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Claxton – Physician Finder Site

Role: Digital Strategist
Company: Franklin Street

Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center is a hospital in Ogdensburg, New York. They are a long standing client of Franklin Street, and the idea for a physician finder came about from a planning meeting with the client. The client had a need for physician recruitment as well as needed a way to promote their doctors more effectively. In order to do this we proposed creating a stand-alone physician finder directory.

The reason it was a stand-alone product instead of being integrated with the medical center site had to deal with developer relationships, CMS capabilities, and the project timeline. Within the tight timeline for this project I worked closely with a digital producer, the developer, and our client.

Throughout this process I was responsible for leading: wireframing, design strategy/concepts/layout, creating preview links, client presentations, developer communication, UX animations, CSS collaboration, running through multiple rounds of QA and testing.

This project was ran a little differently than some other projects. Because of how we worked with our developer. In this case the developer was responsible for putting together the back end system, creating a CSS framework, and developing JavaScript. Then we collaborated with the developer through a submerge workflow to put all of the final touches and the CSS and troubleshoot the look of it across browsers.

Additionally this was the first physician finder site where we created a save and compare feature for users on the front end. The save and compare functionality allows users to save physicians that they are interested in and email those results to themselves or a friend.

The site was successful in being a retention/recruiting tool for the hospital, as well as being a great way to promote the hospitals physicians and allow for meaningful user interactions.

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