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Bayhealth – Campaign Site

Role: Digital Strategist
Company: Franklin Street

Bayhealth Medical Center is a healthcare system located in Delaware. When coming to Franklin Street they were in the process of building a new hospital location. They had a need to help promote what they were doing and we were they to help them market their new location.

We helped them in a variety of ways ranging from public relations tactics, to environmental displays, to videos, to a promotional website. Within this campaign my role was focused on helping to create and develop this promotional site.

Due to some timeline crunches I did this site in a different process then it would normally go about. I went through some basic whiteboarding and wireframe planning, but then I ended up pretty much designing the site in the browser. I was able to do this based on how closely I was able to work with the art directors and see how designs were being applied to other tactics. From this I was able to create a brand color pallet and have rough visual for the typography system.

The site was developed in WordPress using the Avada theme. I basically took what was in the Avada theme toolbox and restyled everything in the CSS to make it brand specific, while along the way putting in plugins, creating new templates, and bugging the Avada support team to get this theme to do what it needed to do. Ultimately after knocking everything around for a while in the browser, and working numerous rounds of QA/testing scenarios, I was able to develop something that I was pretty happy with and it worked well for the client.

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