Site cloning, backup automation, and dashboard management are just a few things that ManageWP does to make WordPress site management bearable. I don’t claim to know everything about ManageWP, but I do know a few things it does an awesome job at and makes my life better.

Let’s start off with: Site Cloning.
Site cloning is just a their fancy way for saying moving a site from location to another. Site cloning is probably my favorite feature of this product. It really makes taking a site from a staging environment to a production environment so much better. ManageWP will do a full copy of the WordPress database, theme settings, admin settings, media files, and any other asset associated with your project and copy them. Then once your site is copied you can then select a new URL to move that copied data to, thus cloning your original site.

This feature has personally saved a ton of time for me, and makes this process not so annoying to do. Here is some more information on walking through this process: This video can walk you through it too:

The second thing that this does really well is: Backup Automation.
Their backup automation process is truly great. You set a time, day, and how often it needs to reoccur and you are ready to rock. Additionally you can select how much of your site that you need to backup, and where you want to back it up to. This link will take you through all the ins-and-outs on how to backup your site with ManageWP:

Bonus: Their restore feature from backing up also works really well. It has saved my life a handful of times.

The last thing I want to talk about is their: Dashboard Management.
If you have multiple WordPress accounts being managed by yourself, you can control all of their dashbaords right from ManageWP. It is a super handy way to get big picture information on all of those sites, and perform quick updates as needed. I don’t use this a ton, but if I managed more sites I can see how this would be really awesome to use.

In short if you use WordPress then ManageWP is really good idea for your life.

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