Alternate Endings

With a few great shows (Dexter and Breaking Bad) coming to the end of their runs I feel like this topic is appropriate. Alternate endings, directors cut’s whatever you want to call them aren’t a new idea in the entertainment industry. But, what if the alternate endings were delivered to an audience based on what device they were viewing?

If the alternate ending strategy is a process someone was going to take, putting this type of spin on it could have its advantages. Changing the content based on the device it is being viewed on could help to target an audience a little bit better, it could help to build sub-cultures, and encourage more fanatical social media interactions.

But, that’s not to say that pulling this off would guarantee positive results. Because of course this type of execution for alternate endings or custom content strategies hasn’t been implemented. If it’s not done correctly you run the risk of creating a disconnect with the audience.

One of the advantages of running a setup like this could be to target your audience a little more narrowly. Now this really only becomes an advantage if for one there is a real segment in your audience based on the device they are using. Speaking in generalities you could probably expect a younger audience to be viewing on more mobile devices.Knowing this type of data about an audience could really help to sway the direction a show or movie should go based on the device that it’s being viewed on.

It would take a show or a movie that is targeting the right demographic and looking to do something different in order to have the round ground work to try and pull this off. I think with the right mix it could be a very interesting tactic to pull together. Someone like a Netflix, Hulu Plus, or Amazon Prime original program might fit the mold to pull something off like this.

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